Partners & Strategic Alliances

With the growing demand for engineering solutions across the complete product life cycle and to meet the full business needs of our customers, Elisen's strategic alliances enables us to gain a competitive edge and increase our range of services.

Elisen is currently looking for new partners and strategic alliances to expand our market reach and increase our core capabilities. Contact us to discuss how together we can create growth opportunities that mutually benefit our combined interests.

Glenser Aerospace

Glenser Aerospace provides engineering services throughout the entire lifecycle of an aircraft, covering everything from the design and manufacture to testing and maintenance. Elisen has signed an agreement with Spanish company Glenser Aerospace to expand its footprint into Europe. Both companies will work together to respond to the growing demand in the market for global aerospace engineering.

Glenser Aerospace


At Elisen we understand our value lies in our people's expertise and in their ability to keep abreast of new technology and practice. Inceptra provides Elisen with state-of-art industry software solutions and user training, enabling us to provide our customers with the outmost efficient and cost-effective services.

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At Elisen, we are engineering at work. Whether you seek work in product development, aircraft VIP conversions
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